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Intermountain Research and Extension Center
Intermountain Research and Extension Center
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Intermountain Research and Extension Center


Four miles from the Oregon border, in Tulelake, California, the Intermountain Research and Extension Center (IREC) is one of nine centers under the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources. IREC supports and facilitates University of California research in field and vegetable crops grown in northeast California, and supports conservation of natural resources in the Klamath Basin.

Please explore our website. Specific contents include announcements, calendar reminders, local weather, biological data, and past & current research reports.

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Strategic Plan


2018 IREC Field Day
Date: July 26, 2018

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Intermountain REC Blog

  • Stripe Rust Alert

    Added June 10, 2016
    stripe rust in a wheat field

    The last couple of weeks we've received several reports from PCA's and wheat growers that many winter wheat, spring wheat, and barley fields have stripe rust. The widespread occurrence of stripe rust this early in the growing season is unusual for the...

  • 2016 Potato Late Blight Alert

    Added May 26, 2016
    Eliminate Volunteer Potatoes Growing on Ditches and Field Borders

    The recent thunderstorms, rain, and overcast conditions have been a huge benefit for reduced irrigation demand and drought relief. On the flip side, these environmental conditions have created favorable conditions for early season late blight...

  • Clover Root Curculio Found in Several Klamath Basin Alfalfa Fields

    Added May 10, 2016
    Wilted alfalfa caused by clover root curculio feeding and secondary disease

    The warm weather this week is hopefully the best remedy for jump-starting many alfalfa fields damaged by frost and hail the last couple of weeks. If you have fields with frost damage that are not improving, you might dig some alfalfa plants and look at...

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