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Small Grains Projects

213-California Small Grain Variety Selection Trial

Principle Investigator: Mark Lundy, UC Specialist, Dept. of Plant Sciences, Davis.

  • To determine productivity, phenological information and disease incidence for small
    2011 grain trial
    grains relevant to the intermountain region.

231-Osprey Herbicide Trial

Principle Investigator: Rob Wilson, Director/Farm Advisor Intermountaing REC, Tulealake, CA.

  • Evaluate winter wheat tolerance to Osprey herbicide
  • Evaluate weed control from Osprey herbicide and Osprey Xtra
  • Determine fit of this herbicide in the region including favorable tank-mixes and rates

238-Wheat Genetic Resources & Mapping Experiments

Principle Investigator: Calvin O. Qualset, Professor Emeritus, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis; Shiaoman Choa, USDA/ARS Research Geneticist, Fargo ND; Bryce Falk, Department of Plant Pathology, UC Davis

  • To grow and make observations on agronomic and disease resistance on
    advanced breeding and genetic lines
  • To make the genetic resources available to any researchers who have interest for their breeding or research
  • To genetically characterize two populations of recombinant inbred lines for morpho-physiologic and agronomic traits
  • To host the annual meeting of wheat workers in the Western Region, if the group is interested, for discussions of various current research topics and to view the field plantings of widely diverse wheat genetic materials

260-Development of Wheat Varieties for California

Principle Investigator: Dr. Jorge Dubcovsky, Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis; Oswaldo Chicaiza, Research Assistant, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis; John Heaton, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis.


To produce new varieties & improved germplasm and distribute them to growers, breeders and other researchers. A multi-objective project will be conducted which:

  • Introduces new germplasm for evaluation and breeding
  • Develops breeding populations through hybridization, selection and evaluation
  • Develops information on the inheritance of characters important to quality and yield in California production environments and finds molecular markers to assist the introgression of these characters into adapted breeding lines, and finally
  • Produces Breeders Seed for multiplication as new varieties and germplasm for distribution to breeders and researchers. Specific goals are to introduce and maintain disease resistance, maintain or increase grain yield potential and improve end-use characteristics

266-Cereal Leaf Beetle Parasitoid Support

Principle Investigator: Charlie Pickett, Staff Environmental Research Scientist (Entomology), CDFA, Sacramento; Rob Wilson, Director/Farm Advisor, IREC; Darrin Culp, Supt. of Ag, IREC.


  • To provide an area for the survival and production of parasitic wasps.
  • To maintain a high population of CLB eggs and larvae throughout the spring and summer as food for the wasps.
  • To provide a low-cost, effective alternative to controlling cereal leaf beetle infestations in our local area.
  • To provide a supply of parasitic wasps for redistribution to infested areas.

274-Use of Palisade PGR to Prevent Barley Lodging in Tulelake

Principle Investigator:  Rob Wilson, Center Director/Farm Advisor, UC Intermountain Research & Extension Center

  •   Test different rates and timings of Palisade to determine the PGR's influence on 
    Barley lodging, barley yield, and barley grain quality.
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