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Forage Projects

731-Investigation of Indaziflam for Invasive Annual Grass Control and Perennial Grass Establishment

Principle Investigator: Tom Getts, Weed Ecology & Cropping Systems Advisor, Lassen County, Susanville.


  • To determine effectiveness of invasive annual grass control after indaziflam and aminocyclopyrachlor application.
  • To assess secondary weed invasion after annual grass herbicide applications.
  • To determine perennial species herbicide tolerance, and establishment potential.

762-Tall Fescue Isogenic Population Evaluation

Principle Investigator: Charles Brummer; Co-PI's: Tami Leathers, Leslie Roche, Daniel Putnam, Josh Davy.


  • The objective of this project is to determine the adaptation of tall fescue ecotypes with and without endophytes across California.

784-Influence of Fall Defoliation Height on the Productivity of Three Perennial Grasses

Principle Investigator:  ; David Lile, County Director/Farm Advisor, Lassen County, Susanville

784 2016

  • Compare the yield potential of the three most commonly grown perennial grass species in the Intermountain Region.
  • Evaluate the effect of three different fall herbage heights on the subsequent growth of tall fescue, orchardgrass and Timothy.
  • Determine the effect of fall herbage height on water soluble carbohydrates the following spring and determine the relationship between water soluble carbohydrates and pasture growth.
  • Estimate the biomass and nutritive value of fall/winter harvested forage of each treatment (using #1 as benchmark) to demonstrate how much fall forage producers would have to forego to implement higher stubble-height management strategy.




914-Kura Clover Project

Principle Investigator: Dan Putnam, Extension Agronomist, Dept. of Plant Science, UC Davis; Steve Orloff, UCCE, Siskiyou Co.; Charlie Brummer, UC Davis; N. Ehlke, C. Sheaffer, Univ. Minnesota; Oli Bacchi, UCCE, El Centro; Chris DeBen, UC Davis; Khaled Bali, UCCE El Centro.


  • To determine preliminary seed and forage yield possibilities at 3 different locations in California.
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