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Other Research

764-Microbial Water Quality Survey on the Klamath and Modoc National Forests

Principal Investigator: Kenneth W. Tate, Ph.D. Professor and Rangeland Watershed Specialist, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis; Leslie Roche Ph.D., Assistant Cooperative Extension Specialist, Department of Plant Sciences; Carissa K. Rivers, County Director/ Livestock & Natural Resources Advisor, Siskiyou County; Laura Snell, County Director/Livestock & Natural Resources Advisor, Cooperative Extension, Modoc County.


Qualtify E.coli concentrations in surface waters at 6 key grazing areas in the Modoc (n=3) sites) and Klamath (n=5 sites) National Forests for 30 days before (n=5 samples per site) and 30 days after (n=3 samples per site) annual livestock introduction.

931-Weed Management Strategies for Nightshade and Summer Annual Weeds in Garbonzo Beans Grown in Tulelake Basin

Principle Investigator: Rob Wilson, Center Director/Farm Advisor, UC Intermountain Research & Extension Center, Tulelake, California.

  • Compare the efficacy of currently registered herbicides applied at recommended
  • Determine the weed control benefits and crop safety of herbicide tank-mixes
  • Evaluate the potential of using pyroxasulfone (Zidua) and dimethenamid-P (outlook) as a preemergence herbicides


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