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2012 Field Day

2012 IREC Field Day Booklet

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Projects for this year includes: 

  • Potato Research 
    • Potato Variety Selection Evaluation & Development
    • Management of Potato Early Die in the Tulelake Basin
    • Cultural Management of New Potato Varieties
  • Small Grain Research 
    • Improving Spring Barley for Northern Intermountain Areas
    • Effect of Nitrogen Fertilization Practices on Spring Wheat Protein Content
    • Development of Wheat Varieties for California
  • Alfalfa Research 
    • Alfalfa Experimental Germplasm and Cultivar Adaptation and Evaluation
    • Establishing Critical Sulfur Plant Tissue Values for Alfalfa
    • Fall Harvest Management Strategies for Alfalfa
    • Avoiding Weed Shifts and Weed Resistance in Roundup-Ready Alfalfa Systems
    • Alfalfa Germplasm Evaluation - Fall Dormancy
  • Onion Research 
    • Application of Diallyl Disulfide (DADS) and Fungicides for the Control of White Rot on Garlic and Onions
    • Onion Weed Control
    • Evaluation of Insecticide Seed Treatments for Seed Corn Maggot Control
    • Management Practices for Improved Thrips Control in Klamath Basin Onions
    • The Influence of Biological Inoculants and Specialty Fertilizers on Onion Growth and Yield
  • Peppermint Research 
    • Development of Cultural Management Recommendations for the Production of Peppermint in the Klamath Basin
    • Integrated Pest Management of Insect and Mite Pests of Mint
    • Weed Control in Peppermint
  • Other Research 
    • Medusahead Management Project
    • Determining Efficacy & Cost of Pocket Gopher Control Practices in Alfalfa
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