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Intermountain Research and Extension Center
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2019 Field Day

2019 IREC Field Day Booklet

Click here  for a copy of 2019's Field Day Handout. 

Projects for this year includes: 

  • Alfalfa Projects
    • Alfalfa Variety Evaluation in Mountain Valleys of Northern California
    • Improved Management of Alfalfa Weevil in California to Facilitate Water Quality Protection and Crop Sustainability
    • Cutting Schedule Effects on Reduced Lignin & Conventional Alfalfa
    • Resiliance of Alfalfa Cultivars to Variable Environments
    • Clover Root Cucurlio Management in Alfalfa Production
    • Evaluation of New Herbicide for Between Cutting Weed Control in Alfalfa
    • Frost Injury on Roundup Ready Alfalfa - What's Happening?
    • Alfalfa Germplasm Evaluation-Fall Dormancy
  • Forage Projects
    • Investigation of Indaziflam for Invasive Annual Grass Control and Perennial Grass Establishment
    • Tall Fescue Isogenic Population Evaluation
    • Kura Clover Project
  • Peppermint Projects
    • Mint Variety Development
    • Weed Control in Peppermint
  • Potato Projects
    • Potato Variety Selection Evaluation & Development
    • Investigation of Cover Crops and Compost to Improve Soil Health in Conventional and Organic Crop Rotations in Tulelake
  • Onion Projects
    • Management of White Rot of Onions with Fungicides
    • Management of Maggots and Smut in Processing Onions
  • Other Research
    • Reduction of Large Predator-Livestock Interactions through Livestock Mortality Composting and Predator Monitoring
  • Small Grain Projects
    • California Small Grain Variety Selection Trial
    • Spring Barley Breeding Trials
    • Development of Wheat Varieties for California
    • Use of Plant Growth Regulators (PGR) to Prevent Winter Wheat and Barley Lodging in Tulelake
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